Super Blog Chain Giveaway!

Having won a couple of Dark Angels Sprues in JRV's giveaway at Okidus, I'm offering up my own Super Blog Chain Give Away.

For mine I have a nice unassembled XV89 crisis suit up for grabs.

Interested in a chance to win stuff?
To Participate:
1) You must have a blog
2) You must have something worthwhile to offer up to give away for free.
3) If you win, you must hold your own blogsite give away using the same rules to pay it forward. You must contact me and Santa Cruz Warhammer with a link to your give away so we can send bloggers to your site.
4) You may only enter once per give away. If you enter twice, only your first entry will be considered.
To Enter:
1) Be a follower of this blog (I do update, honest I do! :p  )

2) Leave a comment to this post with the following information:
--Why you want or need the prize.
--What you will give away on your blog to pay it forward.
--Where your blog is.

The Prize:

Well, when I went to take pictures of the parts, I noticed I have a R'myr chest plate even though I only have 1 R'myr and it's assembled and painted (with the right chest plate).  So I went through my stuff and found a cast 'regular' torso that was for my Tauchicoma project that I'll include as well.  It's cast in a almost translucent white resin that anyone who's followed my blog knows doesn't photograph well.  Sorry the suit isn't on sprues, but i have a bad habit of removing the sprues to store the parts in compartmentalized bins.
Winner Selection:
The winner will be chosen by me based on the reason for wanting the suit and your blog.  Not to say new blogs won't win (I'm a relatively new blog myself, and I'm not saying what about the blogs I'm looking at/for ^.~ ) but I like looking at blogs.

The winner will be chosen Friday the 17th of September (two weeks from today).


  1. email me your address =)

  2. --Why you want or need the prize.
    Looks like it's make some neat terrain wreckage.
    --What you will give away on your blog to pay it forward.
    A box of Tyranid Hormagaunts
    --Where your blog is

  3. I need to get back to building my neglected Tau force, and I think this would make an awesome commander to lead my Tau unit for the greater good, and would be fun to build and paint.

    Also I hate to think of a cool model like this becoming terrain.

    I will offer up an unopened box of 20 Imperial Guard Catachan Jungle Fighters PLUS an OOP metal Marbo model to bolster a Guard force or to be used for conversion (make great Traitor Guard)

    Santa Cruz Warhammer = http://santacruzwarhammer.blogspot.com/

    Santa Cruz Warhammer