High Priority Targets

So epic fail on remembering to post.  I'm going to try some of the other bloggers suggestions and start posting every Monday and Thursday even if I don't have anything other then minor progress.  They will probably mostly be used to play 'ketchup' instead of being filler... at least for a while.  This post being the first of the M-T (hmm... sounds like 'empty' >.> ) scheme will be covering my recent game of Killzone with Morguemeat.

After rebuilding my Iron Corsairs for the new rules they sat on the shelf for weeks.  Finally 2 Saturdays ago we squeezed a game in before heading to another friend's place for Roleplaying.

We rolled up mission 34.5: Dead or Alive, the goal of which is to get the High Value Target off the team's board edge.  First thoughts on the mission is that the wording of how the HVT moves is a bit weird.  Not sure how I'd reword it, but we both read it twice.  We chose to not use Secondary Objectives or Fate Cards (mainly as they were way too hard to read being white font on the kinda pale cream-colored playing card backgrounds)

Anyway, we set up the terrain in a mutually agreeable manner (we set out pieces and moved them around till we had an interesting looking playing area) and rolled off.  Morguemeat won, choosing to be the attacker, I chose a table corner that gave a good access path to the HVT.  Deployment was pretty bland, nothing particularly special, Morgue's 'Zerkers and medic were closest with his termie and heavy weapon guy way in the back.  I set up my own forces around the forward edges of my zone, the heavy bolter and medic (which I had forgotten was a medic ><) in one corner with reasonable ground coverage should I need to 'remove' the HVT or simply shoot chaos scum.  The main assault force was set up as close as possible to the HVT (some spots were closer then others due to terrain layout), supported by the meltagunner and plasmagunner who were in cover nearby.

The first turn involved general moving up by both sides.  A good number of shots were exchanged but no serious damage was inflicted by either side.  We rolled for who goes when on the second turn, and Morgue won again, choosing to go first.  I moved and ran the HVT toward my SOG where she met up with one my basic marines.  Morgue moved his chaos up, and I don't remember if it was the shooting or assault, but my Leader got splattered.  We did a quick check through the rules but realized this wasn't Necromunda so I didn't have to roll morale for loosing my leader.  I also lost a mook assault marine, and he lost both of his zerkers.  My turn the marine with the HVT moved and ran toward my board edge, slipping out of sight behind some ruins while one of my lone wolves charged up and assaulted Morgue's leader (in termie armour).  Morgue ceded a loss with the defeat of his leader and the HVT out of range and sight.  We didn't add up mission points as we're more thematic, and getting the HVT at any cost was a victory.