Custom Chaos Obliterators

Just recently I've agreed to create 4 Obliterators from a SM Terminator squad and a pile of spare bits.

Fluffwise these Obliterators are relatively recently turned to chaos from Techmarines, so will have minimal 'fleshy parts'. They'll also have helmets looking like the Power Armour MK3 helmets (which are also similar to Grey Knight helmets).

The helmets came out alright so far, I've left a couple unmodified helmets and brought in a metal Grey Knight terminator for comparison purposes.

I've also started work on an arm. It's currently in resin, and hasn't been patched with greenstuff, but it's also coming along alright. I sawed out the lighting claw's palm and glued in a chopped down tau fusion blaster barrel, while extending the top (back?) of the hand with a second lighting claw. The claws themselves ended up backward (they were from a right arm instead of a left), so they were trimmed off then carefully pinned back in place. A second power cable was added as well... just because I thought it looked neat. The shoulder pad is the stock left(?) shoulder pad sanded down with the fuel canister from the fusion blaster used in the claw arm surrounded by grenades from the Khorne Berzerker sprue (I believe). The claw didn't come out quite like the picture in the codex, but I think it looks pretty neat anyway, so will probably leave it and try again for one of the other 3 Obliterators.

I'm not sure what I should do to make them look less like Terminators. I haven't worked much on them yet, so there should be more posts on their progress relatively regularly, along with more work on the modular starship tiles project.


Magnetized Defiler

Well, I haven't posted here much, but sadly that's mainly due to not much wargaming stuff happening with me. I have however magnetized a Defiler for a friend, so I have some pictures.