Female Fire Warrior Torso Doodle

Thinking of doodles, I've decided I'm going to try my hand at a custom female Fire Warrior torso. Obviously the top torso is a doodle of the default FW torso that comes in the sets. It's there for size comparison mostly. The Female torso should be a bit narrower, but still able to use the normal FW legs. I think this will lead to FW females made with this torso to be a bit hippy, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

I'm not sure if any single image fed my doodle or not, but I went browsing dA for inspiration.

I'll probably make the whole thing out of greenstuff, then maybe if people like it I won't have (as many?) legal issues with making casts of it. I'll probably work on the FW torso sporadically throughout the process of working on O'larran.

Larron Progress

Well, I have at the very least the general shape of the torso ready. I don't plan on having 'great tracks of land' on her so there will probably be minimal (is any) bulking up of her chest, though I do plan on adding details that make it look like she's wearing something ^.~ So far it's been fun learning how to get the green stuff to do even remotely what I want it to with only a piece of wire as structure.

Not much to say, progress on her is going slow. Though I do find it kinda interesting that my progress shots mirror Gareth's so closely. I should probably actually sit down and do some doodles to get a feel for how I want her to look.


Shas'o Daya Larron Amasa

Following in the footsteps of Gareth's Conversion, I've decided to work on my own custom commander. Instead of starting with the O'shaserra legs, I've started with a pair of legs from a basic XV25 suit. (Mainly because they're plastic >.> ) I haven't yet decided if I want to make this model of her an 'ejected pilot' or the actual model (either using O'shaserra's rules or some house rules), so progress has been a bit slow.

In any case, here's a shot of the legs, I've cut out the crotch, repositioned her right knee and both ankles. The next shot should have the first part of the torso done.

Sadly it looks better in person then in the picture, I really need to hunt down my mini tripod and re-setup my photo box. >.<


A Tau Army rises.

Here it is January 22nd and I'm just now deciding to actually start the blog about the new army I'm building. My tau army actually started over a year ago with a single pack of XV25 stealth suits, which are still not assembled... Anyway, I managed to pick up a used Tau battle force really cheap a few months back and have slowly working on repairing the battle force units. The army has really picked up steam recently as for Christmas I received money instead of the normal (effectively random) gifts from the parents. I planned on putting this money toward additional Tau units. I was both lucky and unlucky with this as I bought the Fire Warriors and a Hammerhead before learning a friend was getting rid of his Tau. I ended up using the last of the Christmas monies buying some of his Forge World Crisis Suits and a Skyray. Ok, so not quite the last, I have an O'Shaserra model coming (ordered it from my local hobby shop) which is the actual last of the Christmas money.

Incidentally I have some fluff information for my army, though I'm not sure I'm ready to present it to the world as I find it hard to change things once I've told about them. I do however need a secondary color to go with my 'Hunter Green' primary. I was thinking black originally, but would like a color different from the 'engine parts' color.