High Humidity Priming

The Night Goblins have a new green skin companion!


Maybe it's just something from coming from a place where high humidity is 30% to someplace where the lowest is 30%-35%, but I can't get anything to prime right. So I still have a mostly unprimed goblin army. Which sadly will probably stay as such so I'll likely not get much (if any) mini painting done these next couple weeks. ><


Night Goblins

Well, I'm in Kansas for the next 3 weeks, so don't have my normal minis or supplies to work on. (Yes, I should've been smart and packed some up to take.) However, I found I have most of the Night Goblins from the 7th ed battleforce. I have the rest of the archers but they're at home on my shelf. I also have 7 of the original 10 spiders.

I mention these as I think I'll probably be painting these over the next couple weeks during down times when I have the time.


Crisis suits

I have done some painting / construction on my crisis suits so I have basecoats on four more suits. I apologize for the low quality of a couple of the images, not sure why they're acting up. I'll try to get some better pictures tomorrow in the daylight.

I fails at the bloggosphere thing! I just noticed it's been over a month sense I posted anything here. Sadly it's a 2 fold problem. Firstly I haven't done much in the way of miniatures... Secondly I've been too lazy to post anything or take pictures.

This is the best picture of the crisis suits, and the suit is kneeling to take aim (I thought it was a good use of the nice rotatable ForgeWorld legs).

This is one I assembled earlier, not sure what it's up to... Looks kinda confused.

This one is so going to end up with a broken foot, he's my first attempt at a running pose, and as such there is only one foot in contact with the base... Kinda scary. this one hasn't had the OSH hand mod done as it had it's fingers retracted for running.

This one I like. Having just mashed a plague marine (visible on her base), she's beckoning toward her next target.

None of these crisis suits are glued to their final bases yet, as a few still need them painted, and they're not finished being painted themselves.

And last but not least the Newest Devilfish! (Well, maybe, it is only a devilfish compared to crisis suits, but eh)