Tentacoos and more Tentacoos

After seeing 40kaddict's article on a cheap and quick alternative for the tentacle maker I couldn't help but make some myself for my Slaanesh daemon princess.  I've run two batches so far, and tried a preliminary tentacle ball beast weapon thing on the daemon princess herself.

Above is the first batch of tentacles, and most of them ended up rather thick.  So I worked out a second set (below) after the first had cured. Which turned out better, I tried twisting a couple together in this batch trying to figure out how to pose the tentacles while the greenstuff is still uncured.  I'm sure a few cycles down the road I'll actually start being happy with them.

I have a couple Slaanesh project ideas currently, to use tentacles in, so i figure many will get used anyway.  I'll probably end up placing these and making more to mount while still uncured to make them look like they fit better together.


Gun Gal

Woo, finally actually painted something.  Sadly I haven't been able to get any good pictures, they're all making her hair way to red and washing out all the shades and highlights (at least on the camera preview screen and my desktop's screens).  Not a great paint job, but I haven't painted anything in...  well, sense El'Larrun for the character competition back in June 2011.

She's as yet unbased and unnamed, but will hopefully be for a small skirmish scale campaign tentatively called Altered Realities some friends and I have planned.  We're still trying to decide on a ruleset to use for the campaign.