Slaanesh Cult Members

Not much miniature related stuff this week as I've been spending all my time preparing a costume for an Anime thing this weekend.

However, I did manage to get around to scraping together some miniatures for my Slaanesh Cult.  It's a mix of miniatures I had in the box I was originally collecting for an Esher gang.  A box with is mysteriously short of actual Necromunda models period...

The first thing I'd like to point out is I'm still a model short for the girls themselves and I haven't dug my daemonette out yet.  I also don't have a noise marine made.  The girls are from Reaper and a game called Rezolution.  The hired Beastmaster (which came free, but still consumes a hired gun slot,) is an old GW Dark Elf Beastmaster that a friend gave me a while back.  I'm considering hijacking a couple blood brothers (basic human men, used as a snack) from my Mordheim Vampire Warband to fill in a couple Noviciates.  I haven't really decided which models will fill in which roles as I have 2 models that need heavier weapons and none of these gals seem to fit that yet.  Though the red/brown primed gal in the duster seems to think she's the Magus.  The girl front and far right will probably be the Noviciate with 2 stubbers as I had her in mind when I made that stat set.  I'll be replacing models as I work toward getting them all dressed in school uniforms.

Hopefully I'll get some projects moving again this coming week after the event is over.  I am a bit worried about my upcoming time as Pokemon Black & White comes out the 6th.  (Don't judge! I happen to like enslaving random creatures by forcing them to live in little balls and fight my battles for me. Such a horrible concept for a game. ^.~ )



Sadly, two posts a week is not something I'll be able to maintain, there sadly just isn't that much miniature related stuff happening with me.  I think I'll stick to Thursday posts as even less miniatures stuff happens over the weekends so it'll be fresher in my head if I post about it on Thursday.

Anyway,  I've found 40k proper a bit too large scale for my tastes and as such have been trying various smaller things over the last year (which you may have noticed from the random small tactics posts that pop up every so often).  I had found the Inquisimunda stuff on J Olson's blog Empire of Ghosts a while back, but hadn't really done anything with it until just recently.

After finally wrangling a friend in to provide an opposing team, I've thrown together an initial design for a Chaos Coven.  I haven't thought up much background for them yet, but they'll be dedicated to Slaanesh, and mostly female.

My current list runs with 13 models, everyone is equipped with Light Armour unless they have some other armour in their profile and Respirators.  All models are human unless otherwise specified.

The Magus herself
Lithe Form, Bolt Carbine, Medium Armour, Stubber, Electro-Flail

2 Acolytes (heavy/special weapons troops)
both with laspistols, one with a Flamer, the other a Heavy Stubber

a lvl 2 Rogue Psyker
with a stubber and a sword (psychic powers to be determined... stupid random rolls)

a Cultist with Lithe Form, a Laspistol, and a sword

3 cultists with Las Carbines

a Noviciate with Lithe Form and a pair of stubbers

3 Noviciates, all with stubbers

A Dark Eldar Beastmaster from the Hired Guns list

I have 40 Geld spare at the moment, however I need to buy up to 2 beasts for the Beastmaster still.  I just haven't decided which beasts I want.

Sorry there aren't any pictures, I'm still collecting the force together.  And ideas for models to use for cultists (preferably female) would be appreciated.  I have a number of Reaper minis I'm planning to use, but I don't think I have enough for the entire force.  I have a last generation Daemonette to use for when they successfully summon one, and some plans for building a Noise Marine when it chooses to join the force.  Though as there aren't any options to mark a chaos marine yet, nor any options for noise weaponry, I probably equip him using the plasma gun option.

Image by imrac 1251  (original image),


Starship Module Progress

The Modular Starship has made a lot of progress in the last couple weeks or so as I've actually started casting parts again.  I have 1 new module assembled and 9 laid out (as you can see in the image above).  Three of the modules are missing parts, but they're busy drying when the picture was taken (Wednesday the 9th, sometime).  The obliterators are in the modules due to having been in the way when I started planning the modules out

Below is a closeup of the two tiles in the upper left corner of the main picture.  These two are special as the floor tiles I'm using on them include carpeting and I'm not sure what colour(s) should be used on them.  The rest of the modules will be painted an almost metalic dark grey, so almost any colour should work.


When this new set of tiles is glued together it'll bring my total up to 18 playable modules, halfway to a 3' x 3' table!


Land Raider Crusader

I picked this guy up along with 2 techmarines and a servitor at a swap meet for $35 a while back.  I wish I'd thought to take some pictures of it before I started repairing it.  It's one of the older plastic + metal models.  After extensive green stuff work and replacement of the treads I gave it a quick basecoat to try out my blue and gray Space Marine scheme.  Sadly these are the best pictures I managed to take, and it leaves the blue and grey a lot lighter then it actually is and doesn't show the sparkle of the gunmetal paint >.<  Not sure having a dedicated photo box would help that any though.



Second Obliterator

My second MT post! woo.  It's going to cover the second obliterator for my friend that's actually been sitting here at this point of progress for about two and a half weeks.  Irritatingly after taking the pictures I noticed I didn't have a good picture of the Tau Fusion Blaster mounted in his claw hand, though some WIP pictures of it are in my first Obliterator post.

Morguemeat likes it, so i just need to finish up some of the detail work (like plugs at the ends of some of the cabling) and a few places still need greenstuffing.  In somewhat related thoughts, I think #2501 is right that the first Obliterator's legs need some bulking up.  I'll probably post a group shot once I finish the two of them.