Slaanesh Cult Members

Not much miniature related stuff this week as I've been spending all my time preparing a costume for an Anime thing this weekend.

However, I did manage to get around to scraping together some miniatures for my Slaanesh Cult.  It's a mix of miniatures I had in the box I was originally collecting for an Esher gang.  A box with is mysteriously short of actual Necromunda models period...

The first thing I'd like to point out is I'm still a model short for the girls themselves and I haven't dug my daemonette out yet.  I also don't have a noise marine made.  The girls are from Reaper and a game called Rezolution.  The hired Beastmaster (which came free, but still consumes a hired gun slot,) is an old GW Dark Elf Beastmaster that a friend gave me a while back.  I'm considering hijacking a couple blood brothers (basic human men, used as a snack) from my Mordheim Vampire Warband to fill in a couple Noviciates.  I haven't really decided which models will fill in which roles as I have 2 models that need heavier weapons and none of these gals seem to fit that yet.  Though the red/brown primed gal in the duster seems to think she's the Magus.  The girl front and far right will probably be the Noviciate with 2 stubbers as I had her in mind when I made that stat set.  I'll be replacing models as I work toward getting them all dressed in school uniforms.

Hopefully I'll get some projects moving again this coming week after the event is over.  I am a bit worried about my upcoming time as Pokemon Black & White comes out the 6th.  (Don't judge! I happen to like enslaving random creatures by forcing them to live in little balls and fight my battles for me. Such a horrible concept for a game. ^.~ )

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