Sadly, two posts a week is not something I'll be able to maintain, there sadly just isn't that much miniature related stuff happening with me.  I think I'll stick to Thursday posts as even less miniatures stuff happens over the weekends so it'll be fresher in my head if I post about it on Thursday.

Anyway,  I've found 40k proper a bit too large scale for my tastes and as such have been trying various smaller things over the last year (which you may have noticed from the random small tactics posts that pop up every so often).  I had found the Inquisimunda stuff on J Olson's blog Empire of Ghosts a while back, but hadn't really done anything with it until just recently.

After finally wrangling a friend in to provide an opposing team, I've thrown together an initial design for a Chaos Coven.  I haven't thought up much background for them yet, but they'll be dedicated to Slaanesh, and mostly female.

My current list runs with 13 models, everyone is equipped with Light Armour unless they have some other armour in their profile and Respirators.  All models are human unless otherwise specified.

The Magus herself
Lithe Form, Bolt Carbine, Medium Armour, Stubber, Electro-Flail

2 Acolytes (heavy/special weapons troops)
both with laspistols, one with a Flamer, the other a Heavy Stubber

a lvl 2 Rogue Psyker
with a stubber and a sword (psychic powers to be determined... stupid random rolls)

a Cultist with Lithe Form, a Laspistol, and a sword

3 cultists with Las Carbines

a Noviciate with Lithe Form and a pair of stubbers

3 Noviciates, all with stubbers

A Dark Eldar Beastmaster from the Hired Guns list

I have 40 Geld spare at the moment, however I need to buy up to 2 beasts for the Beastmaster still.  I just haven't decided which beasts I want.

Sorry there aren't any pictures, I'm still collecting the force together.  And ideas for models to use for cultists (preferably female) would be appreciated.  I have a number of Reaper minis I'm planning to use, but I don't think I have enough for the entire force.  I have a last generation Daemonette to use for when they successfully summon one, and some plans for building a Noise Marine when it chooses to join the force.  Though as there aren't any options to mark a chaos marine yet, nor any options for noise weaponry, I probably equip him using the plasma gun option.

Image by imrac 1251  (original image),

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