Noise Marine WIP

Well, I've made some progress on my new Noise Marine that's going to be assisting my Chaos Cult in Inquisimunda.  The guitar has been fun to build so far, but I'm not sure what to do to provide strings for it.  I'm gonna have to greenstuff on some knobs (or find some 1/32nd inch plastic rod).  She'll be holding her guitar by the neck in her left arm.  I was kinda hoping for a pointing right arm (the only one I've been able to find is also a powerfist, so fail there).  but at the moment it looks like I'll be modifying a plasma pistol to be a Sonic Blaster.  Her right leg ended up being pinned on a bit low so I'll be trying to shift it up a little bit as well as continuing to greenstuff details and fill gaps.  The helmet will receive a band over the top so the horn mounts over the ears will look like massive headphones.  Not positive where I'm going to put the helmet as she's going to be bare headed.
Here's the parts as they stand so far.  A friend suggested that they look like they're on display to warn away people.


New Concept

As absolutely nothing has been happening miniature related (other then the reading of blogs, which is boring to blog about), i haven't been posting.  However, last night a new concept hit me while looking through my bits in preparation to start packing them up (I haven't done a clean up cycle for miniature stuff in ages).  I took a picture of the bits I'd pulled out for the project, and i think i'll probably be using parts from every bit in the picture (except one of the shoulder pads, not sure how I ended up with 3 there).  There will also be a fair bit of plasticard, wire, and greenstuff involved (but that's pretty standard for conversions, no?

The only other hint I'm giving is that it's for my Inquisimunda force, but can be used in normal 40k as well (though when complete, I'll have a whole 2? models for that army ^^;  )  Hopefully I'll have the first shots of actual progress on it sometime next week, I doubt I'll make much progress over the weekend (as that's dedicated to friends and video/card games instead of miniatures, of which I'm like one of 3 or 4 people in my social group that actually have any interest in miniatures)


Grey Knight Prices

With nothing of interest on my end to blog about this week (not sure where the time went >.> )  I figured I might as well rant a bit on the upcoming Grey Knights.

Maybe it's just me getting used to the cheaper plastic miniatures from other companies and the 10 models for $25 of the Dark Eldar basic plastics, but $33 for 5 'basic' grey knight midels doesn't seem like a price cut from the old metals, other then the ease of assembly and pile'o'extra bits.  While it is two sprues like the DE kits, it's an extra $8 a kit for half the models. 

Not sure what to think of the new Dreadknight, some other images of it I've seen on other blogs indicate it's a pretty large model with a dinky hammer.  But as a mecha, and other bipedal walkers fan,  I see it as a fail.  It makes me think of the load lifter from the end of the first aliens movie, a wannabe version of the guardians of Zion in the second(?  third?) matrix movie, or a rejected design from Avatar.  At least, looking at the sprues, it appears to be more posable then the plastic daemon prince.  I don't see myself ever picking one up at the $54 price tag though.  I'll pickup some anime/movie mecha model I like for cheap and just convert it if I decide for some reason that I want a Grey Knight army that needs a Dreadknight for whatever reason.

The new terminators are the same $10 a model we all know and hate.  They don't bother me much, they're following status-quo.

I'm hoping for new Inquisitional Henchmen models, but not holding my breath.  The Grey Knights themselves have always been 'meh' to me, but I've always had an inherent dislike of psykers.  Anyway,  I suspect all my 'Grey Knight' armies will be lead by Coteaz and be rather void of any actual Grey Knights.  Though I doubt I'll build any armies large enough for this to matter (I don't see making anything other then a couple or 3 killzone SOGs.)


Crackling Armour Cowling

So I've been pondering for a while on what to paint my Iron Corsairs weapon cowlings with when I ran across one of my sister's 'crackling nail polishes' in the bathroom sink.  This reminded me of an article I saw a while back about crackling paints (I can't find it now, which would be why I delayed this post >.>  ).

Anyway, Yesterday I picked up a bottle of Delta Ceramcoat 'Crackle' Effect.  I ran some trial paints on a piece of cardstock to see how it works.

It's really neat, but I'm worried the cracks aren't quite fine enough to look good on bolt pistols and bolters (Sorry I neglected to think to put a bolter in the picture for size comparison, the top The upper left test block's brown undercoat is 1.5" wide, by 1.25" tall.)

Sadly due to a sneaky cold this is about all I've done in miniature related stuff this week.

Fingernail picture from www.trendincosmetics.com, used without permission.


Old Stuff Day

It's Ground Hog Day! Err, I mean Old Stuff Day!  Sadly, having looked through my old blog posts I don't see any that are really worth bringing up again.  So instead of putting something from my blog up, I'm digging through some of the first blogs I followed and linking to the posts that caused me to start watching them.  These are in no particular order (except for Inq28 being first...  just felt it should be on the top and Tau of War being second.  It's the first blog I've ever followed).

First off is the Inq28 blog with their work on a female techpriest and here.  This blog is actuall what introduced me to the concept of even using 28mm minis for Inquisitor.  (Which looks interesting if only i could find some local players ^^;;  )

I entered into the blogging world with my head full of Tau so what better place to break in then on Old Shatter Hand's Tau of War blog?  I first found the blog due to his Secrets of the Fio'la post on how Old Shatter Hand's hand were done.  I stuck around due to the simply massive amount of Tau related goodness that is there.

I started following Collegia Titanica simply and basically for the Angels of Light story.  It's the story about how Jula joined the Space Marine chapter Rainbow Warriors.  I found it while looking for Tau stuff.  I warn you puritan true to fluff people that Collegia Titanica has no issues with female space marines, and Jula happens to be one of many in the story.

I started watching A Gentleman's Ones in August, but due to his posts in July about the Sin of Alacrity Mini Campaign It's interesting to see that he started his blog after mine but is quite a bit more successful (not actually surprised, from what I know he's a great guy and I'm an anti-social shut-in ^.~ )

I've followed Warrant of Trade pretty much sense it's beginnings, though that was more a dumb luck thing then anything particular.  It started right about the time I learned about Rogue Trader and started hunting for info.  How he did the character creation is what caught my eye.

Not sure what actually drew me to Defending Humanity initially as I really didn't like IG back then.  I do remember the chart thing here being really neat (so neat in fact I never got around to setting one up myself...  so my Tau army sits, half painted >.> )

I started watching Musings of a Metal Mind simply because of the awesome tyranid/necron hybrid conversions, my favorite being the Tervigon, though I'd been watching discreetly well before then.

Having gone through my list of blogs I follow, these are the main ones that I can identify why I started following them.  There are a few that I have no idea why I started following, nor am I sure why I continue to follow them (but I do and read all their posts)  Anyway, Everyone have a happy Old Stuff Day.