Crackling Armour Cowling

So I've been pondering for a while on what to paint my Iron Corsairs weapon cowlings with when I ran across one of my sister's 'crackling nail polishes' in the bathroom sink.  This reminded me of an article I saw a while back about crackling paints (I can't find it now, which would be why I delayed this post >.>  ).

Anyway, Yesterday I picked up a bottle of Delta Ceramcoat 'Crackle' Effect.  I ran some trial paints on a piece of cardstock to see how it works.

It's really neat, but I'm worried the cracks aren't quite fine enough to look good on bolt pistols and bolters (Sorry I neglected to think to put a bolter in the picture for size comparison, the top The upper left test block's brown undercoat is 1.5" wide, by 1.25" tall.)

Sadly due to a sneaky cold this is about all I've done in miniature related stuff this week.

Fingernail picture from www.trendincosmetics.com, used without permission.

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