Grey Knight Prices

With nothing of interest on my end to blog about this week (not sure where the time went >.> )  I figured I might as well rant a bit on the upcoming Grey Knights.

Maybe it's just me getting used to the cheaper plastic miniatures from other companies and the 10 models for $25 of the Dark Eldar basic plastics, but $33 for 5 'basic' grey knight midels doesn't seem like a price cut from the old metals, other then the ease of assembly and pile'o'extra bits.  While it is two sprues like the DE kits, it's an extra $8 a kit for half the models. 

Not sure what to think of the new Dreadknight, some other images of it I've seen on other blogs indicate it's a pretty large model with a dinky hammer.  But as a mecha, and other bipedal walkers fan,  I see it as a fail.  It makes me think of the load lifter from the end of the first aliens movie, a wannabe version of the guardians of Zion in the second(?  third?) matrix movie, or a rejected design from Avatar.  At least, looking at the sprues, it appears to be more posable then the plastic daemon prince.  I don't see myself ever picking one up at the $54 price tag though.  I'll pickup some anime/movie mecha model I like for cheap and just convert it if I decide for some reason that I want a Grey Knight army that needs a Dreadknight for whatever reason.

The new terminators are the same $10 a model we all know and hate.  They don't bother me much, they're following status-quo.

I'm hoping for new Inquisitional Henchmen models, but not holding my breath.  The Grey Knights themselves have always been 'meh' to me, but I've always had an inherent dislike of psykers.  Anyway,  I suspect all my 'Grey Knight' armies will be lead by Coteaz and be rather void of any actual Grey Knights.  Though I doubt I'll build any armies large enough for this to matter (I don't see making anything other then a couple or 3 killzone SOGs.)

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