Shas'o Daya Larron Amasa

Following in the footsteps of Gareth's Conversion, I've decided to work on my own custom commander. Instead of starting with the O'shaserra legs, I've started with a pair of legs from a basic XV25 suit. (Mainly because they're plastic >.> ) I haven't yet decided if I want to make this model of her an 'ejected pilot' or the actual model (either using O'shaserra's rules or some house rules), so progress has been a bit slow.

In any case, here's a shot of the legs, I've cut out the crotch, repositioned her right knee and both ankles. The next shot should have the first part of the torso done.

Sadly it looks better in person then in the picture, I really need to hunt down my mini tripod and re-setup my photo box. >.<

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