A Tau Army rises.

Here it is January 22nd and I'm just now deciding to actually start the blog about the new army I'm building. My tau army actually started over a year ago with a single pack of XV25 stealth suits, which are still not assembled... Anyway, I managed to pick up a used Tau battle force really cheap a few months back and have slowly working on repairing the battle force units. The army has really picked up steam recently as for Christmas I received money instead of the normal (effectively random) gifts from the parents. I planned on putting this money toward additional Tau units. I was both lucky and unlucky with this as I bought the Fire Warriors and a Hammerhead before learning a friend was getting rid of his Tau. I ended up using the last of the Christmas monies buying some of his Forge World Crisis Suits and a Skyray. Ok, so not quite the last, I have an O'Shaserra model coming (ordered it from my local hobby shop) which is the actual last of the Christmas money.

Incidentally I have some fluff information for my army, though I'm not sure I'm ready to present it to the world as I find it hard to change things once I've told about them. I do however need a secondary color to go with my 'Hunter Green' primary. I was thinking black originally, but would like a color different from the 'engine parts' color.

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