A Generous Gentleman

Recently b.smoove over at A Gentleman's Ones had a design contest for the masthead of his blog. Sadly I didn't even make the finalists list, but that's ok, I had fun.

I focused on making the header match the description of what a Gentleman's Ones is (based on the description provided in his blog's sidebar).  And came up with a last stand (which many seemed to have done).  And I made a slight change to the subtext message to make it flow better.  Incidentally, there is actually only 20 unique gaunts in the image, and a single warrior.  I'm missing a chunk of my 'nid army so I used what was available (and painted).  The 2 marines consist of my entire collection of painted marines (which I didn't even paint), though I plan on rectifying that in the next few months as my Dancing Spectres take on a more definitive form.

Anyway, I entered the contest for the fun of making a new banner.  I was expecting a single model of some type as the everyone gets a prize bit.  Man was I surprized.  I now have 22 Space Hulk Genestealers and 20 door frame bases.  Oh and a sweet T-shirt.

Thanks B. Smoove, these look like they'll be great fun to paint as they have nice dynamic poses, and is a more then generous prize. ^.^

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