Robed Space Puppies

I'd never really looked into the Space Wolves codex as I actually disliked how the models looked and what I knew of the fluff.  But having delved a bit deeper into the custom chapter using whichever manual works best to represent them, I've found the space puppies are actually a really nice manual to work out of.  A few of the special options need to either be ignored or renamed, but ignoring that, it has a number of very dynamic and customizable unit selections.  I was planning on using the Blood Angels codex for my Spectres, but I may just end up with counts-as Space Puppies in robes. ^.~

Anyway, The main reason I started looking into it is due the Big Jim's Killzone rules over at Galaxy in Flames.  Combined with the Dark Angels Sprues I won from the SBCGA it provided me a way to start playing with a small force and work up.

My current (as of yet untested) 250 point force consists of:
Wolf Guard (Flagged as Leader)
6" FnP LS, plasma pistol, and frost blade

Wolf Guard with plasma pistol and power weapon
Wolf Guard with plasma pistol and Close Combat Weapon
4 Grey Hunters with 3 meltaguns

Lone Wolf with twin-linked Plasma Pistols.  (Because for some reason adding more plasma reactors makes the weapon safer! >.> )

I'm not sure the Plasma Pistols should actually count as twin-linked, but my opponent thinks they should be, so I'm going with it.  Mainly as the model looks pretty neat dual wielding plasma pistols.  I need to pick up a box of something to get needed bolt pistol arms and CCW arms.  Having looked over the kits, I can't decide if I'd rather go with a Khorne Berzerker box or a Space Wolfs Pack box.  I'd get the most arms from the zerker set, but I think I'll probably find more uses for the 'extras' from the Space Wolves box.

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