Genestealers missing arms

Yay, last week spent pulling hair getting ready for anime convention, last weekend spending far too much time awake at convention, Monday sleeping it off and now back to (hopefully) workin' on some 40k.

I'm sure a number of other people have noticed this, but 2 of the Space Hulk Genestealer sculpts are missing an arm.  This isn't a case of broken off arm, they were never sculpted in.  Initially I thought 3 were, but I found the missing arm on the one emerging from the floor.

I'm not sure what (if anything) I want to do about this.  It shouldn't be too hard to add an extra arm back into the 'stealers.  Though I'm wondering if I'll have the right kinds spare to use for them from the other 'stealers I have.


  1. Mistake? Nah. You see, it seems Genestealer claws are tasty, and fisherman rip one off, and then toss the Genestealer back so the other one will grow still larger while the other one grows back. Then when he falls into a "Stealer pot" again, you just harvest the bigger claw and toss 'em back again. ;)

  2. Genius! Oh, how many guardsmen must be lost in the gathering of this delicacy. ^.~