Modular Starship Tiles - Progress

I've been busy casting from my molds, so I have 3 modules in a playable state, they still need the outside tiles on the walls (mainly for support and so i don't have to look at the scraped plaster side of the tiles...) and a base of some sort.

I've found that mixing in a few drops of black paint to the plaster while I'm mixing it gives the tiles a gray tint which should help to disguise any chips the tiles end up earning in the course of playtime.  My test batch was was too dark (the one really dark gray piece in the corner tile above), and the second was just a hair too pale (the access hatch in the corner above).  The specific ratio I use isn't of much use to anyone else as it's 8 drops paint, to enough water to fill the cup to the 3rd from bottom ridge, with enough hydrocal that it stops having water floating on top.  Which basically fills the cup with plaster.

The three play-able modules beside one busy drying.  The figures are more a time waster while I'm waiting for plaster to cure and modules under assembly to dry.  I've found I dislike the 2 molds that have just the one piece of the wall in them (of which I'm currently using to hold the plastic sheet on the table down...) due to them requiring a lot more sanding then I expected.  The molds aren't all filled as I was lazy for this one and didn't mix a second cup worth of plaster to finish filling them up (and I was helping family use my cutter to make some stencils for some girl scout project of some sort).  The black box with red drawers in the one image is where the fully dry pieces go for storage until I need them for the tile(s) I'm currently assembling. 

Overall, the pieces take an hour to cure enough to de-mold them then about 24 hours drying time before they're ready to be glued together.  So they live on a tray where I slide them down as molds cure and pieces dry.  I don't cast nearly as many as I could be in a day, but I have been casting about a tile and a half to two tiles worth of pieces a day, which should give me enough parts to build my minimal 3' x 3' table in just over 2 weeks.  Maybe I should try stepping up production speeds. >.<

There are about one and a half molds worth of parts on this tray busy drying.


  1. These look amazing! Have you though about selling some?

  2. I have, but there are a few legal procedures I'd have to go through before I could sell them as more then one off pieces as the individual blocks were designed by Hirst. If I make enough interesting designs (and enough interest), I'll probably fill out his form to become officially licensed.