Female Fire Warrior Torso progress

Sense my last update, I've ground down the stomach area all around, slimming her a lot and added the little flange things on the sides of the armour. This step was a lot easier then I thought it'd be. I decided I really didn't like the first run of the articulated panels on the back of the 'soft' area, so removed it before the stomach slimming. Afterward, I added them back in. I really like how the back one came out, even if it did end up crooked. >.<

I neglected to remember to put the lines in the front articulated section, so I'll try carving them into it. Failing that I'll pull it off and try again.

Overall I think it's coming along nicely. Hopefully I'll find a place to do some base casting to finish up my first set of fire warriors, they're getting antsy for their new bases.

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