Tau character stamps & FW wip

Well, I haven't made much progress on the FW torso, however, I did try to sharpen up the edges and add some of the armour plates on the 'soft' armour front and back... the front didn't work so well, so I pulled it off again. the back needs cleanup, but I'm gonna do that after it's cured some.

I tried a couple different angles to see if that helps show it off.

Also, mimicking an idea a friend of mine did, I've started building tau character stamps.

If you can't tell, they're supposed to be U, 7, 5, and T. Why those particular characters? No idea honestly, they're the ones that came to me when I started work. They'll be used to build the bases my army is going to stand on. (Which is the same thing my friend used his for.) I'll probably sharpen the edges of the characters up with a file and x-acto knife after they're cured.

their use is pretty simple, you get some soft clay, greenstuff, putty, etc and stamp a phrase, quote, or random string of characters into it, let it dry/cure/bake/whatever, then break it into debris to use on a base. It can be left in larger chunks (or whole) for larger bases and/or other terrain.

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