Firewarrior Painting and Bases

Sorry for not posting as often as I probably should. I've been painting Fire Warriors! I've finally decided on my scheme as can be seen above. Yes, I'm aware his backpack is on upside down, stupid used model. I have 9 to about that step, they still need to cleanup, shading, and highlighting. The base colors are Anita's Hunter Green (11040) for the main armour, Apple Barrel Country Tan (20778) for the soft suit, Apple Barrel Burnt Umber (20512) for the boots, and black for the back of the rifle. I'm planning on using a silver for the little sphere things on the rifle, and either bright red or bright purple for the lenses.

Also, I've started working on bases for them following in the footsteps of a friend. It involves taking a piece of Super Sculpey (any clay that becomes firm works,) and rolling it into a sheet. Then using the stamps I made earlier, I stamp tau symbols into the clay (any pattern works, I chose to just line them up in rows). Then after curing/letting dry/etc the clay, I smash it into fragments. These fragments are then glued to bases along with other standard flocks. The ones in the picture are 25mm and 40mm bases. I'm planning on making a few more 25mm ones and casting the lot of 'em. (Well, maybe not the one using a piece from the Chaos Terminator Lord kit.)

Lastly, it's not much of an update, but I've decided the O'larren model I've been working on is just the pilot, so I've thrown together a pistol for her:
The pistol on the Firewarrior with the sniper drones just looks too weedy for me. So I've taken one of the many spare rifles from the FW sprue and cut one down to be her pistol.

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