Fire Warriors Painted

Woo, a squad of 9 done! I like how the bases came out, I kinda grabbed colors at random... The stone tablet parts were painted 'Mushroom Champignon' by Anita's Craft Paint, while the rocky filler was painted 'Mississippi Mud' by DecoArt. The whole thing was given a wash of 'Devlan Mud' by Citadel. And lastly they were given a drybrush of 'Quaker Grey' by Ceramcoat. They were delayed to completion as I had to make molds of the bases and make casts of them before I could base them. (Ok, so I didn't have to, but I didn't want to make every single individual base.)

Anyway, here's the group of them standing in a firing line.
They were a selection in my first armylist, however I don't think they're the right size in my current armylist, though I haven't looked at it in so long it'll probably be revised again anyway.

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