Crisis Suits Painted

First XV8 suit from the paint shop is the infamous R'myr pattern which became popular after the success of the T'ros campaign. This suit is painted in the scheme of Larron's Uash'O hailing from the forest moon Da'ya, and has yet to earn any distinguishing decorations.


Incidentally, the R'myr suit and the 'standard' XV8 below are not glued to their bases yet. The R'myr suit stands on it's base without support (proving that the models can balance! O.o twas an accident, but neat anyway). The R'myr above is a completely stock model. I'm tempted to add a big knife to it to truly tie it into the rest of my suits. Below is the other suit I'm working on. It has most of it's basecoat done painting wise. It's built with the right hand, shoulder pads and head of an XV84. I believe the legs are for a XV89 as they have kneepads, but I'm not positive. The left arm is a vanilla suit arm with a chaos terminator's fingers glued in. (A nod to Old Shatter Hands for the idea!) The large knife on this model's left jump engine is originally from a friend's Khorne Berzerker sprue, I filed down the face-like decoration and added it as I thought it looked neat as a representative of their bonding knife, the painted on ones just felt like a cop-out. I'm planning all my suits to have one, even though only the leader can take the upgrade. I haven't decided how to mount one to the right side as half my suits will have left handed gun arms, meaning the right arm is going to have the fingers.


Anyway, enjoy. Hopefully I'll have more progress on the Firewarrior torso soon.

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