Modular Starship Progress

Well, I've actually done quite a bit of work on the modular starship sense the last post about it.  I'm up to 8 modules now, 4 of which are room segments (the ones on the far right in the picture).  I have 3 more modules planned out and currntly stored in baggies due to having to clean up my work area for well...  work.  Anyway, the top two room modules are representing some cryostasis room (I had parts and wanted to know how it'd look ^.~ )  the bottom 2 have conveyor belts on them.  They've been a pain as I must be really careful about making sure they line up and go the same direction.  One of the planned modules is a T-intersection with a conveyor belt.  If anyone has good ideas on what types of modules would make a nice diverse starting set, I'm all ears.  So far it seems the T intersections will be outnumbering the others (except maybe room modules, but it requires at least 4 room modules to make a single room.

I need to restart casting of the parts to make the modules as I'm effectively out of floor tiles with the 3 modules in bags.  Hopefully I'll be able to get some made up over the holiday season and have enough to actually play some killzone on by January.


  1. 10x2 square passageways are always useful. Maybe some kind of stackable "gallery" 2nd floor/tier for larger rooms? A longer piece with a bank of cells on one side that could stand for a cargo hold/brig would be cool too.

    Are you thinking of mass-producing these to sell on the side, or is this just to cool up your Killzone games?

  2. They were originally only to 'cool up' killzone games, but the mass production question has actually come up a few times now. So I'll probably end up offering individual modules and module sets at some point. Specially as I easily see myself going through all the work to make mold masters of the modules...