First Obliterator

Sadly there hasn't been too much progress on the miniatures front for a while from me.  However, ?I did manage to get quite a bit of work done on the first obliterator.  I like how it turned out for the most part.  the legs need some cleaning up (and probably more wires).  As well as some more flash filing apparently (the things I notice after a photo has been taken).  The conduits are made from florists wire and work amazingly well.  It's not glued to it's base, Morguemeat wants "some kind of industrial stuff, I think" for that, and I'd like to see it at least primed before it's glued down.  And no, there isn't much of an organic marine left as he's been replacing his parts with machinery for who knows how long.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images.


  1. I think it's the right direction, but I kinda want there to to be some kind of waist/pelvis to unite the design. Are you going to armor up the legs, too?