Female Fire Warrior First Assembly

My female Fire Warrior torso next to a stock torso. Apparently I've decided female Tau are taller and narrower then male Tau. I gave the female torso a quick wash so it would show up in the camera. Looks like I caught an air bubble in the belt buckle >.<

I had suspected that making the torso narrower would have issues. Not that I don't have issues anyway connecting Firewarrior arms to normal torsos. I should ask OSH's help desk if there is a trick to it >.>

The glue holding her off arm looks odd as I dropped her into my water cup on accident while it was drying, causing the superglue to react oddly. Oh well, it'll need some clean up.

And next to one of my painted FWs. I'll have to paint her up for a better comparison ^.^

However, all in all, I like how the female torso came out this time around. I neglected to get any pictures of the process I went through to cast the torso, so that'll have to wait.

Random thought: Has anyone else noticed that the citadel washes have a sweet taste to them?


  1. Is there some kind of open-pose arm on the Fire Warrior sprue? (I wouldn't know, having never seen it) Your excellent sculpting is hidden behind the two-handed grip...

  2. Hmm, I'll see what I can scrounge up. There are a few if the Leader has special gear. But I'll probably do something like my first FW Leader.

  3. Don't drink the paint. Stop licking your brushes. Don't run with scissors. And you need to see someone about your self-harming.