Dancing Floor

Bases for my Showgirls, yay!  They're actually made from coffee stir sticks cut to arbitrary lengths.  This was mostly to produce more interesting bases, but it happens to also be how my hardwood floor came for my old bedroom.  I'm not yet sure how I want to finish them, I have some left over scraps from the manufacturing process to test with, and I have some wood aging stuff coming to try.  I'm hoping to age the wood a bit to draw out the grain, then either a real varnish or something to make them look more dance floor like.

The process evolved a bit during construction, initially I'd laid the sticks out and used other sticks as cross supports to hold them in place.  However after cutting the support off the second base and having to reposition the fiddly little pieces constantly, I realized I could use a paper backing for the flooring as seen in the picture above.  Using the paper backing sped up the process immensely and I got four or five bases done in the time it took to make one.

To get the right sized inserts, I made with a circle cutter.  The 30mm base one had to be sanded down a bit as it ended up being a bit too large.  These were then laid out on the stir stick floor and traced around.  they were then cut out using a combination of old sprue cutters, xacto saw and xacto blade.  I should've gotten more pictures of the process, and I'll make sure to when I make more bases, but I have enough bases for my entire collection of showgirls, which is a Colette du'Bois starter, a couple packs of Corphees, and a pack of Mechanical Doves.

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