Tau Robots

While waiting for greenstuff on my entry for the Character Competition to cure, I built this little guy from a memory.  Sadly I don't have any Necron Warrior arms with which to complete it. (I have 7 other sets of Warrior Legs, and 16?  scarabs, but no arms ;.;  Imagine the back half of the basic Gauss Flayer and the long barrel of the Tau Rifle, maybe with some odds and ends to bulk it out.

I should have a couple posts up in the following weeks for the CC entry, and sorry for neglecting to post, was dealing with a Great Grandfather's passing, so got practically nothing done the last couple weeks.


  1. I like it, should look great when it's finihsed. Only thing I might change would be to square the thighs up somehow, they're very rounded compared to the rest of it.

  2. Don't like robots with 'sexy legs'? ^.~

    But looking at it, I think I agree with you there. I'll have to try both trimming down and bulking up the legs into more squarish shapes.