A shift to Infinity

I've been drooling over infinity models off and on for years but nowhere nearby carried the miniatures and for various I reasons was unable to order any online.  Thanks to the recent surge of interest in Infinity (and other games) I learned the Infinity rules were freely available online just before my FLGS started carrying the Infinity starters.

I haven't yet purchased any as they don't have a Nomad set yet, and my fun budget is currently dedicated to a scifi cosplay I'm working on.  However, I've started the process of poking through the rather large number of pdfs available from Infinity (here if you're interested as well).  Interestingly, while looking for an official image for bloggers to use (didn't find one, I kinda stole the one i'm using off their website) I ran across a fan project that organizes the rules in a printer friendly form.  I haven't looked at it yet, but the other comments in the thread make it sound promising.  It can be downloaded from here.

I've considered posting progress shots of my cosplay work as it progresses, but as it's not miniature game related it feels inappropriate to post about it.

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